Black Loyalist Registry

The Black Loyalist Registry began in 1998 as a means to record and compile family information of those who identify as being descended from the Black Loyalists. Maintaining a Black Loyalist genealogical information base is a necessity for our mission of developing a complete understanding of the history of Black Loyalists from the 1770’s until today. By making a comprehensive record of our present day descendants, we can begin the challenging and rewarding process of tracing the family histories. The directory has become a worldwide venture with members living in many different parts of the world. If you think you might be a Black Loyalist descendant (and many American and central Canadian blacks are in fact Black Loyalist descendants), we strongly encourage you to fill out the registration form below and become part of the Black Loyalist Registry.

Personal information will be used for registry purposes only and will not be given out to any other organization.

BLHS Registration Form

The Black Loyalist Heritage Society intends to publish the ” First Canadian Black Loyalist Registry “.  The Society requests your permission to publish your name and contact information. The Registry will be the first of its kind in Canada.

We thank you.