The Society’s Goals

The Society’s Goals Include:

  • To celebrate the survival and determination of our ancestors
  • To acknowledge the abilities of our members and strengthen their capacity to be acknowledged within and outside of the Black Loyalist community.
  • To plan for and attain social and economic equality of the Black Loyalists among Canadians.


The objectives of the Society are:

  • To develop, preserve, promote, protect and exhibit the history and heritage of the Black Loyalists and their descendants.
  • To promote universal recognition of the ancestry of the Black Loyalist Society as a nascent Canadian heritage community, having been among the original settlers of Canada, and having had no prior citizenship in any other country.
  • To cultivate and contribute to the economic prosperity of the Black Loyalist community through participation in community development initiatives.
  • To actively participate in Canadian multiculturalism campaigns, projects and other efforts toward social cohesion.

The Society has worked hard to achieve its goals and objectives and to this end, has acquired several properties in Birchtown, sponsored numerous archaeological research projects and has also witnessed many honours among the members as well as provides cultural opportunities for all ages through programming, events and annual celebrations.