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Page 24

her; but there was a good physician in Gilead, and in his good time he would apply his balm of Gilead to her soul.  Then they stared at me, and I asked them to let me go to the prayers over her; so we kneeled down, and I poured out my spirit before God in behalf of her.  The poor creature was slain worse, and cried out-she was sinking into hell. 
    I bid them get her out of the way to sleep; so after we had joined in family duty, we all went to bed; but she had no sleep, but cried out all night, for Christ to have mercy upon her; but she would sometimes say, that she was too vile a sinner to be saved.

    On the 6th, when we rose in the morning, I went to speak to her, but her soul was filled with great anguish.  At ten o'clock, a great multitude came together, I preached to them from St. Luke, xiii.  verse 5.  They all seemed to be frightened, and in the evening I preached again from St. John, iii.  verse 5.  Here was much of the out-pouring of God's spirit.  The people did not seem inclined to go home to their houses; but after wards when I informed them that I would preach again in the morning, God willing, of the 7th, they dispersed; and I had some conversation  with this poor woman again; but finding she was not able to contain herself, by reason of her distress, I left her in the hands of God, and went to rest.

    In the morning, when the people gathered together, I preached from St. John, i.  I and 2 verses.  Then I dismissed the people, telling them, that I would preach again on the next day, that I might have an opportunity of speaking with her, but she seemed to grow worse and worse, and God seemed to shew her the evil of her ways, by filling her soul with strong conviction.
    On the 8th, I preached from St. John, i. 29.  Here the Lord was pleased to manifest his divine

Page 25

 love, and many sinners felt the power of the everlasting gospel; yet this poor woman was still in agonies, worse and worse; she looked as pale as death, having eaten nothing, but at times took a little water, and one cup of tea.  I preached again in the evening from Isaiah, Ix.  I and 2; when God was pleased to arise and shine in her heart.  She got up, and praised God in a remarkable manner, which surprised all the people in the room; and, after I had dismissed the people, I had some conversation with her, and her joy was so great, that she could not express herself, but looking upon my hand which she had cut, she burst out in tears and fell upon her knees, and begged me to pardon her for the blood she had spilled.  I told her that Christ had pardoned her, and I had nothing against her.  She then got up and clasped me round my neck, then sat down again, and was not able sometimes to speak for five or six minutes, being so filled with the peace of God.  This brought to my mind, St. Luke, xv. 7; and my soul was ready to leap out of the body for joy.  Here we see the Lord turned a lion into a lamb, and as her sins were great, so were her joys.  The people were so amazed, that some of them did not go home all night.  I want to bed to get some rest; but she did not sleep all night, but was heard praising of God, and telling the people the wonders that God had done for her soul.

    On the 9th, in the morning, I preached from II Peter, iii. 8; and the glory of God was in the midst of us; and after preaching, I set off for Sable River, and arrived in the evening, two men accompanying me.  
    On the 10th, I preached once to a large body of people, then went from house to house visiting.           On the 11th, I preached once up the river.  
    On the 12th, I preached at Jones's Harbour, once more amongst the free-thinkers; but finding 

Page 26

them hardened in sin, I conversed with them after preaching, and left them in  the hands of God.  In the evening, I arrived at Sable River again.  
    On the 13th, I preached at eleven o'clock, and after preaching, set off for Little Harbour, with a great company, and arrived there in the evening; being tired, I did not preach.
    On the 14th, I preached from St. Luke, xxiii. 42, 43; when we felt the great out-pouring of God's divine spirit in this place, and also at Sable River.  I stayed a whole month, intending to go to Liverpool, but finding the wind was contrary, on eh 10th of March we set out for Birch Town, and arrived in the evening at Captain Church's, where we stayed all night.
    On the 11th, at twelve o'clock, we arrived at Green's Harbour again; after dinner, we went down as far as the Indian wigwam:  finding them all preparing to remove, I stayed two hours with them, and returned back to Green's Harbour, and in the evening preached to them.  Here we stayed all night, and in the morning, after prayer, I set off for Jordan River, and arrived at twelve o'clock; after dinner, set off for Shelbourn Town, where we arrived in the evening.  Finding all well, I preached to a large company, and commended them into the hands of God.    
    On the 13th, I set off to Birch Town, where we arrived at ten o'clock in the morning.  I stayed till the 16th, having received a letter from Jordan River, wherein they expressed their warm desire to hear the word of God; so I thought if best to take it before the throne of grace, to know whether it was the Lord's will.
    On the 18th, while I was contemplating upon this, somebody knocked at my door, and gave me a letter that came from Ragged Island, from 

Page 27

Mr. John Lock, with a recommendation to his son, who then lived at Jordan River.

    On the 19th, in the morning, I set off, at ten o'clock, with two little boys; we went through Shelbourn about twelve o'clock, but made no stay there, and arrived at Jordan about five o'clock in the afternoon.  The first house I entered in was Mr. Lock's mother-in-law; they asked me to sit down by the fire to warm myself.  I did so, and the little boys also.  She had four daughters in the house women grown.  I sat down, and was in deep contemplation, and they walked about, viewing of me.  A little while afterwards, I held up my head, and looking the old lady in the face, asked her if she knew Christ?  She never answered me a word, but began to cry.  I asked one of the young women if she knew how far Mr. Lock lived?  She came to the door, and shewed me the house.  I thanked her, and wished her a good night, leaving the mother weeping.

    I went to Mr. Lock's house, and delivered the letter to him, but he could not read it; so I took it and read it to him.  He then asked me to take off my knapsack.  I abode there all night, and discoursing with him, I found that he was ignorant of God and himself.  I asked him what he thought would become of his wife and three children, if they should die in the state.  He answered nothing, but cried; so after supper I went to prayers with them, and he continued sobbing the whole night.  In the morning, about ten o'clock, they gathered a large body of people together.
    On the 20th, I preached from St. Luke, xxiv.  47; and the Lord's presence was in the midst of this people, all seemed to be astonished, having lived there above twenty years, and never heard the word of God; so after preaching, I discoursed with them, shewing them the absolute necessity of an 

Page 28

interest in Christ.  The Lord was pleased to follow the weak attempt with his divine power; seven of them cried out under this sermon, being pricked the heart.  In the evening, I preached again from the Acts of the Apostles, iii.  19; and there was a wonderful display of the power of God among this people; they went away, hanging down their heads like bulrushes.  After preaching, I conversed with Mr. Lock and his wife till bed time; finding that they were not baptized, nor any of their family, they expressed a great desire to be baptized.
    On the 21st, I preached to a larger congregation than I did at first, from St. John, v. 28,29; and on the 22nd, I preached from St. Matthew, xxviii. 19, 10:  and after preaching, such as desired to be baptized were brought up.  there were eight in number, the grown people kneeled down upon their knees, and while I was baptizing them outwardly, God was pleased to set Mr. Lock at perfect liberty; and great awe was upon the minds of the rest; three of them were pricked to the heart.  I here was a great stir among the people of Jordan River at this time, so that the same of Christ reached as far as Shelbourn and Green Harbour.  I stayed with them till the 27th, going from house to house, conversing with them, and preaching to them all opportunities.
    On the 28th, in the morning, I preached from St John, xiv. 27; and then set off for Green Harbour, I thought best to leave one of the boys at Jordan River till I returned; being a calm morning, we crossed from Jordan Point, with an intent to reach Blue Island; but the wind began to blow very hard, and the boy was frightened because of the seas breaking in the boat; however, through the help of God, we got as far as Jenkins' Point, with the boat half full of water, which obliged us to go on shore; and we had to turn the boat upside down to 

Page 29

get the water out.  It being a desolate place, we went to return God thanks for our safe landing.  All the while we were crossing from Jordan Point, the people were looking after us and mourning, thinking we should be lost.  After staying at Jenkins' Point, we set off again with the tide with us; but the wind against us, which made the seas very rough; and after we had gone a mile, we had hard work to get her on shore, being half full of water; but by the help of God, we got on shore on an island just entering on Green Harbour.  Here we were obliged to stop till near four o'clock; we kindled a fire to dry ourselves.  Seeing nobody coming to our assistance, and night coming on, being very cold, I went to prayer, that God would enable us to carry my plan into full execution; and afterwards we set off again and reached at Sun Town, our desired haven, where we were received kindly.
    The next morning, being the 29th, I preached to a large congregation, and after preaching, we set off for Ragged Island, where we arrived in the evening, and were gladly received.  I preached from Jeremiah viii. 20, 21, 22; and the Lord was pleased to display his divine power to many, and brought them under deep convictions.  Here I stayed till the 4th of April, confirming them in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ.  About this time, I had several messages from Little Harbour, and Sable River, which obliged me to leave them on the 5th morning, and we passed over the Ragged Island, to Little Harbour shore, in boats.  We had six to accompany us to Little Harbour, being six miles distant
    We passed over a lake two miles in length, and arrived at Little Harbour one hour before sun set; where the people were all waiting.  I preached from St. Luke xiii. 24; and we had the presence of the Lord amongst us.  After preaching, I conversed 

Page 30

with them, and found several of them were convinced before, and now justified by the faith of Jesus Christ

    On the 6th, I passed on for Sable River, and arrived in the evening.  I did not preach, but went to prayers with them.
    On the 7th, I preached from St. John iii. 14, to a large multitude.  After preaching, I baptized six persons, and then went up the river three miles.  
    On the 8th, I preached in the morning from St. John iii. 22, and stayed all this day, going from house to house.  On the 10th, I passed over to the other side of the river, to inter the bodies of two persons departed this life, but no reason to believe that they died in peace, having neglected God's great salvation, and died without any evidence.  Here I took occasion to address the spectators in the words of the Apostle Paul, from Ephesians v. 16; when there were tears in every face; Here I stayed all night, conversing with them from house to house.  On the 11th, I preached in the morning, from St. Matthew, v. 3, and a wonderful display of God's mercy was shown amongst this people; then I passed over the River.  In the evening, I preached from St Matthew, v. 16, to a large congregation.  Here I stayed all night.
    On the 12th, I preached from St. Matthew, vi 10,11, 12, 13.  About ten o'clock, we set off through the woods, and reached Green Harbour in the evening.  We stayed all night, intending to set off for Shelbourn on the 13th; but, before we set off, I received a message to visit an old woman about eighty-seven years of age, who was then on a bed of sickness, and without the knowledge of God.  When I asked who matters stood between her soul and God; she said, she never had done anybody any harm, and always went to prayers, night and 

Page 31

morning.  I asked her, if she had ever felt the power of God's love in her heart?  but she seemed to be very ignorant.  I asked her farther, if she knew her own heart?  She said, they that did not know their own hearts must be fools.  I asked her by what she knew her own heart?  she said, she was born with a good heart.  I told her, if she had not a better heart than what she was born with, it was a wicked heart, and full of enmity against God; that if she died with this heart unchanged, where God is she cannot come.  She asked me, where she should tog then.  I answered her, among devils and wicked spirits, where all people go that die without a change of heart.  At this she was silent.  I asked her if I should go to prayers with her.  She answered, yes; so I went to prayers with her.  When prayers was concluded, finding myself rather bound, I went down upon my knees again, then I did fell a little assistance and comfort from God's spirit; and after prayer, I asked her how she felt herself; but she never answered me a word, but looked very earnest at me, and tears ran down her cheeks; so we parted, and I went to Mr. Hewit's, intending to set off in the morning
    On the 14th, after prayers, we got our knapsacks on our backs, and took our leave of Mr. and Mrs. Hewit for Jordan River, and when we got down to the boat, after putting our things on board, ready to set off, a little girl came running down, and I stopped to know what was the matter  She said, her grandmother desired that I would come to see her so I left the boy with the boat, and I went up to her, and after discoursing with her a little, she acknowledged she had a wicked and deceitful heart.  I asked her, how she came to know that?  She said, she felt it.  So I went to prayers with her again; and here I was obliged to stay all day, reading, praying, and conversing.

Page 32

    I returned in the evening to Mr. Hewit, and slept there.  He persuaded me to go by the ferry, on the 15th ,saying, that we should have a snow storm on that day, and very probably be blown off.  I told him, I had no money to go over the ferry, and I promised to bring the boat back.
    Being a fine morning, the wind fair, we see off, and after we had been an hour from the shore, we had a snow storm, and finding that I could not turn back, I kept on; for some time we could not see one another, the snow fell so thick; the boy began to cry, but I encouraged him, as well as I could, and took hold of both the oars myself, and made him take a little bowl, and throw the snow out of the boat, while I was rowing and, by the help of God, we just got over before the wind shifted about W.N.W. and brake the ice in the Cove; so we could not land for some time; we got entangled with the ice, but by the help of the Almighty, I got her out of the ice, and run her right a-shore.  Six men came down to our assistance, and got her on the shore, and dragged her into the wood, out of the way of the ice.  We went up to the house, and got some refreshment; and I do really believe, if we had stayed out another hour, the boy would have died, for his blood began to be chilled, and it was some time before we could get him to fell himself. 

    I preached in the evening at Jordan River, from Isaiah iii. 10, II.  We had much of the presence of the Lord: while I was describing the former clause of my text, I was overpowered with the love of congregation.  Here I continued till the 17th, confirming them in the faith of Christ.
    On the 18th, in the morning, I preached from II Corinthians xiii. 11, 12; when there was much crying and mourning.  I then set off for Shelbourn; 

Page 33

six of them accompanied me part of the way, and desired to know why I would not stay with them a little longer.  I told them I had a call to go as far as Barrington, and could not be with them again this spring; so we had prayers and parted.
    I passed through Shelbourn about three o'clock, but made no stay, and reached Birch Town in the evening, where I found they were all gathered in the chapel.  I preached from St. John vii. 37, 38; and we had a great out-pouring of God's spirit.  The people all rejoiced to see me once more, for they had heard I was drowned, going across from Jordan Point to Blue Island; so when I came out of the pulpit, they would not let my feet touch the ground, for the Arminian had been amongst them, endeavoring to draw them away, and had drawn some of the weak ones away, telling them that they would never seem any more:  but here God disappointed the devil of his hope, by rejoicing me to them in such a wonderful manner, which he did in the fullness of his gospel thus, in this time of mourning  The hour of rejoicing was near at hand, so that they did not depart from my house all night

    On the 19th, in the morning, the chapel was filled, all praising of God in prayer, and singing.  I came in, and preached from Psalm lxxiii. 24,25, when we had a fresh shower of God's grace, and great rejoicing in the morning; so after meeting was over, such as had been drawn aside through error, came, trembling, and expressed great sorrow because they had been deceived, and had joined the Arminians; but they returned back again, so I continued to attend classes, and set the people right; and many were added to the church every week.
    Here I stayed with them till the 12th of May, on the same evening we had a love feast, when we had much of the presence of God, and three fouls were


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