Numerary signals for the use of the Convoy bound to Sierra Leone-

The Flags No 123456789 may be hosited singly, or one above the other, if singly it will denote the signal of that number, for instance, if I hoist the red, half white flag, by itself, it denotes the 4th signal, and if I hoist half white half red flag by itself it denotes the 7th signal-When two flags are hoisted, the uppermost must always be considered as the superior Flags-The number of the upper, or superior Flags to be reckoned ten, the under or inferior a unit-Shifting the Flags over or under varies the number, viz: if No 2 is hoisted superior or above No 6, it is signal 26, but is hoisted superior, or above No 2, it is signal 62, again, if No 3 is hoisted superior or above No 2, it is signal 32, but if No 2 is hoisted superior above No 3 it is signal 23-The Cypher 0 (a Red Pendant) hoisted under No 1 denotes signal No 10, under No 2, signal 20, under No 3, signal 30 andn so on up to 90-