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January 10th Breakfasted with the Attorney General, from thence called upon the President of the Council respecting my Commission, as the one he had made out for me, did not appear to me sufficiently explicit answer the purposes of every situation in which I might be thrown; he very readily saw the propriety of my request, and begged me to point out what I thought necessary to satisfy my mind, so as to ensure as far possible, the prosperity of the undertaking-When I took leave of him, he shook me most heartily by the hand, and expressed before the Attorney General his hearty wishes for my health and success, in the cause I had zealously advocated, declaring to me again, his entire approbation of my whole conduct-Called upon Mr. Wallace to assist me in mustering the whole on board each respective ship, and as we called over the names, I gave to each a Certificate, of the following form for their proportion of land upon their arrival in Africa, at the same time addressed them upon their future conduct, and read to the people on board each ship the regulation and advice, which Mr. Hartshorne & myself had drawn out, for their future Government. This was a necessary but laborious business to me, as I did not feel well, and we did not finish the whole till eight o'clock at night, the consequence was, I caught a most violent cold from rowing about the Fleet standing upon the deck for half an hour together, and afterwards visiting the decks below, which made such a sudden change from excessive heat to keen frosty air, as to occasion the inconvenience I felt from it-Returned on Shore-Went to Mr. Hartshorne's, and slept at his house. Copy of the Commission given me by the President of the Council

Seal         Richard Bulkeley Esq

of the

Province    President of His Majesty's Council, and Commander in Chief of the Province of Nova Scotia, &c, &c, &c

To John Clarkson Esq Lieutenant of His Majesty's Navy.

Whereas His Majesty, has been pleased to signify His Royal pleasure, that such of the Black people residing here, as are desirous of going from hence to be come inhabitants of Sierra Leone, shall be provided with shipping and all things necessary to transport them there, And whereas for the end purposed, and in order that the said Transport may be kept together on their voyage to Sierra Leone, and may with more security and safety arrive at their destined Port, & for the preservation of the health of the Passengers, from any distemper which may arise from various causes, it is necessary that some fit and proper person should be appointed to conduct, govern, and Convey the several Transports on their voyage, and to give such orders, and make such rules & regulations, during the said voyage, as shall be requisite & necessary-

And Whereas you the said Lieutenant Clarkson, of the




Royal Navy have been sent here by the Sierra Leone Company in England, as their Agent, and have been also recommended by one of His Majesty's principal Secretaries of State to the later Government as a fit person, to have the charge of the said Free Blacks-

I do therefore, by virtue of the power & authority to me given and granted by His Majesty, hereby appoint you the said Lieutenant John Clarkson, to take all and every of the said Transports, together with the said Black people on board them, under your care and charge, and to convey them as soon as may be from this Port to Sierra Leone, and there to land and deliver them over, to the Government or Chief person, in the administration of Government, together with all and everything which may remain of what has been provided for them by Government and also their property-

And you are hereby authorized to give such orders, and make such regulations as shall appear to you fit and proper for keeping together the several Transports, and conducting them safely during their voyage, and for the preservation of the health of the Passengers, according to the tenor of the several Charter Parties, and further, do what shall appear necessary on any extraordinary emergency which may arise-

Given under my hand and seal at Halifax the seventh day of January one thousand, seven hundred, and nine two, in the thirty second year of His Majesty's reign.

Richard Bulkeley

By order of the Commander in Chief J. M Freke Bulkeley

     Acting Secretary of the Province

The following is a form of Certificate, Given to each person to entitle them to receive their proportion of Land upon their arrival in Africa

      Sierra Leone Company-

The bearer _____________ having produced to us a satisfactory Certificate of character, as required by the Company, we do hereby certify, that upon _____________ arrival at Sierra Leone _____________ shall receive free of expence _______ acres of land, for ____________ and family consisting of _______ being the proportion ______________ is entitled to, agreeable to the printed proposals of the Company

John Clarkson            )Agents for the

                                )Sierra Leone                                                                           

Lawrence Hartshorne)Company

Halifax Nova Scotia Jan 9th 1792


Instructions for the Free Blacks respecting their conduct, during their voyage to Sierra Leone

     Halifax January 9th 1792

The Agents for the Sierra Leone Company presume that the Free Black people now embarking for Sierra Leone are persuaded that they have no other view in the undertaking but to promote their general happiness, for which purpose they recommend the following rules and regulations, to be strictly adhered to both with regard to their present and future happiness- 1st- a modest and decent behaviour towards the Officers of the ships considering the old proverb, that soft words turneth away wrath, this we recommend to prevent broils; not to make free with the Seamen, lest they in turn should make free with you, and by improper behavior bring on the disturbances, to live on friendly terms with each other, to mutually bear and forbear, considering that any little inconveniences or hardships which you may experience on the passage will be of short duration. We further recommend a particular attention to Divine Worship, in the best way you are capable of, constantly remembering with humble gratitude, the goodness and power of God, and that if you conduct yourself in such a manner as to have His approbation, you must be happy-

We further recommend a particular attention to cleanliness in person and clothes, without which you cannot expect to preserve health, that all order and regulations on that head be strictly attended to, and that you assist one another in promoting so essential a measure-particularly that you assist the aged, the infirm, and the sick, never forgetting the Christian duty of Charity, and to do by your neighbour, as you would wish him to do by you-

2ndly  If any of the Free Black people should be so ungrateful as to neglect the foregoing advice, and to get intoxicated with liquor, to be quarrelsome or to be guilty of any improper behavior, tending to create disturbances in the ship, or to neglect the necessary washing and cleanliness, it is our desire that the Chief Black Captain shall appoint five good men to determine (four of whom must agree) what kind of punishment the person offending deserves, which determination or verdict shall be submitted to Mr Clarkson for his opinion before it is inflicted

3rdly If (which we do not believe will happen) any crime of a worse nature should be committed, such as one man beating another, improper conduct to the women, or theft, it is in such a case expected that the Black Captain will take the first




opportunity to acquaint Mr Clarkson with the offence, that such serious mode of trial and punishment, may be had, as the nature of the crime may require-

4thly It is expected that these rules and regulations be read every Sunday after Divine Service or oftener if necessary-If it should so happen that there is no Black Man on board, the Ship who can read it is our desire that the Chief Black Captain shall wait upon the Captain of the Ship, and request it as a favour to us, as well as to you, that he will be so kind, as to either read them himself, or cause them to be read to you, in a decent and audible manner-
John Clarkson
Lawrence Hartshorne


 The following is a list of David George's Company on board the Brig Lucretia which will serve as a specimen for the others-

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