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January 10th Breakfasted with the Attorney General, from thence called upon the President of the Council respecting my Commission, as t one he had made out for me, did not appear to me sufficiently explicit answer the purposes of every situation in which I might be thrown; very readily saw the propriety of my request, and begged me to point out what I thought necessary to satisfy my mind, so as to ensure as far possible, the prosperity of the undertaking-When I took leave of hi he shook me most heartily by the hand, and expressed before the Attorney General his hearty wishes for my health and success, in the cause I had zealously advocated, declaring to me again, his entire approbation of my whole conduct-Called upon Mr. Wallace to assist me in mustering the whole on board each respective ship, and as we called over the names, I gave to each a Certificate, of the following form for their proportion of land upon their arrival in Africa, at the same time addressed them upon their future conduct, and read to the people on board each ship the regulation and advice, which Mr. Hartshorne & myself had drawn out, for their future Government. This was a necessary but laborious business to me, as I did ac feel well, and we did not finish the whole till eight o'clock at night, the consequence was, I caught a most violent cold from rowing about the Fleet standing upon the deck for half an hour together, and afterwards visiting the decks below, which made such a sudden change from excessive heat to keen frosty air, as to occasion the inconvenience I felt from it-Returned en Shore-Went to Mr. Hartshorne's, and slept at his house. Copy of the Commission given me by the President of the Council Seal.

Richard Bulkeley Esq It is expected that these rules and regulations be read every Sunday after Divine Service or oftener if necessary-If it should so happen that there is no Black Man on board, the Ship who can read it is our desire that the Chief Black Captain shall wait upon the Captain of the Ship, and request it as a favour to us, as well as to you, that he will be so kind, as to either read them himself, or cause them to be read to you, in a decent and audible manner-
John Clarkson
Lawrence Hartshorne


 The following is a list of David George's Company on board the Brig Lucretia which will serve as a specimen for the others-