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This morning I received a present from the Bishop of some books for the Free Blacks, Teacher's and also Bishop Wilson's sermons-Fired a gun and made the signal for every person to, as Mr. Wallace assured me he should be ready to give all the necessary papers to take with me by eleven this morning-I waited upon the President, to beg the favor of him, to ask the Admiral to assist me with boats tomorrow morning to help us weigh our anchors-I made this request of the President, as I had not time to call upon the Admiral-I received in about an hour after this a very polite message form Sir Richard Hughes, telling me that I should have every assistance from him-At three went on board the Lucretia, fired a gun, & made the signal for all the Captains, desired them to meet me at the Coffee House at eleven this evening to receive their final orders, and to prepare to sail early tomorrow morning; as I found we could not sail tomorrow I wrote a note to Captain Hope of the Flag Ship to inform him of it, that the boats from the Men of War might not be sent to us. At 1/2 past 10 this morning met the Secretary of the Province by appointment, paid off the debts of all on board who owed money, and got his receipt for every man I shall take out of the Province It is a great relief to me having settled this business, for I have been obliged to suffer two or three people, to be taken out of the ships, for debt, and to remain in custody, sooner than divulge my design for paying their debts for them, for if the least idea of my intention had been known I should have been liable to great imposition and the trouble in consequence would have been more than I could have attended to. But having kept all quiet till the Secretary of the Province appointed a time to meet me, to give me a receipt for the whole, whose names had been exposed in his Office, the appointed time, according to the laws of this Province, without any demand having been made upon them-I met him accordingly & having received his receipt for all except a few detained for debt, I immediately paid the demands upon them, amounting to £50 " 0 " 10, and received a receipt from the Secretary to be given to the Captain of each Transport for the Passengers on board his ship in the following form-

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