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January 13th - As the wind was rather baffling and it looked very heavy to the S W, I gave up all thoughts of sailing today-At eight in the morning made the signal for everybody to repair on board their respective ships As I was fearful that the Captains and sailors of the different vessels, would not behave to their passengers with that kindness and attention they had promised (from the Black people being considered in this Province, in no better light than beasts) I requested each owner to give his Captain written instructions for that purpose, holding out to them the chance of my keeping back from them the proper certificate from their not having performed the conditions of their Charter, if I found upon our arrival in Africa, there were any just grounds for complaint against them-I accordingly received letters from the different owners of the vessels enclosing me the orders they had given to their Commanders, one of which I shall transcribe

 Captain Jonathan Barnard

 You being Master of our Brigantine Mary, taken into Government service for the purpose of carrying Black people to the river Sierra Leone, on the Coast of Africa, our orders & directions to you that you follow the orders you may receive from Lieut Folger

 This day I distributed on board the different ships the complements of clothing I intended for each person previous to our sailing, as will appear on the other side in a list, brought forward from page 38