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As Mr. Hartshorne and myself had only demanded from Government what clothing we conceived absolutely necessary to preserve the lives of many of the Free Blacks, we agreed to purchase at a sale the following articles, viz, 41 Bed Ticks 47 Rugs and 48 Blankets, which we distributed on board the different vessels where we found they were most wanted, and as we had an opportunity of buying some linen shirts at a reduced price, we also purchased 139 white ones with three rolls of Osnaburg containing 380 yards with thread, needles, scissors &c, meaning to distribute them on board the respective vessels upon our arrival in warmer latitudes; I was additionally induced to buy these articles, as I was fearful the woollen ones given to keep them from the inclemency of the weather would be a nuisance between the Tropics, and by giving each person a linen article for an old woollen one, (which I intended upon the exchange to throw overboard) it would be the means of satisfying them, as well as insuring greater cleanliness on board the different ships-

 As I never have had time since my arrival in Halifax, to take any amusement, and as I had now finished all my business, and was only waiting for a fair wind, Mr. Hartshorne prevailed on me to take an airing with him in his Slay, which I did, in company with some young ladies, after wards, I dined with Mr. Hartshorne & with him supped at Mr. Wallace's, went on board at 12 o'clock & ordered everything ready for sailing on the morning-

 January 14th - This morning the wind still against us, waited till 12 o'clock in hopes of the weather clearing up The Admiral sent on board an Officer to beg the favour of me to wait upon him, went on shore, took Mr. Hartshorne Slay and drove up to the Naval House. The Admiral wished to give me his advice, respecting my sailing, telling me that he understood that Government was paying at least £150 per day, every day I remained here, I assured him that the detention was not on my part, that I had been ready to sail for at least a week, and that I certainly should take the first moment in getting underweigh-After wishing me success, my health &c we parted, and as the horse was in the Slay, and I saw it impossible to sail today, besides as some young ladies expressed a desire to have a ride, I took them out; at four, returned and dined at Mr. Hartshorne's. At seven in the evening, I received a message, that some person wanted me-Upon going to the door I found that a Slay was ready with some agreeable company, to take me a ride by night, we drove for about five miles, returned and drank tea at Mr. Deblois of the Eleanor said he was rather deficient. I immediately sent off to the Lucretia, ordered a gun to be fired, and a signal made for all the Captains, and gave out the following orders

Lucretia January 14th 1792-

 The Captain of the different ships bound to Sierra Leone, are desired to make an immediate calculation of the different species of provisions