Hildrith & Burlings account of Birch Town Location:  sent to Mr. Wilkins

Isaac Hildrith and Samuel Burling, the Deputy Surveyor and Secretary to the former Board of Agents at Shelburne, respectively, wre responsible for allocating farm lots to the Black people of Birchtown.  item was onated to PANS in 1992 by Walter Morrison, who acquired it from a dealer who had acquired it fro the estate of J. Plimsoll Edwards (1847-1917).
    Item is Hildrith's and Burling's certified true statement of account with government, per Isaac Wilkins, president of the former Board of Agents at Shelburne.  Countersigned by Stephen Blucke, commandant of the Black companies.

    Previously known as Hildrith, Isaac [sic]-bill to provincial gov. for surveying Birchtown --item includes a statement recorded on 24 November 1787.  --Holograph, signed.  --Impressed with Crown Britannia watermark.  --Some foxing and discolouration of paper on back page.  --item enclosed in acid-free folder.  --Other records relating to the owrk of the Shelburne Board of Agents may be found in the Court of General Sessions of the Peace bonds (PANS PG. 34-321)