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At twelve this night gave the Captains their final instructions, copies of which are as follows-Felt myself extremely ill at one o'clock, and went to bed with a violent fever-

Copy of a letter to Henry Hew Dalrymple Esq the intended Governor of Sierra Leone sent by each ship, enclosing a form of Certificate to be given to each Captain, upon performing the conditions of his Charter as well as an account of Provisions which each Captain had given a receipt for, as also the mode of distribution & c

                                                  Halifax January 11th 1792

My dear Sir

Should Captain Smith of the Brothers, by stress of weather or any other accident, part convoy from me during the passage to Sierra Leone, and this be handed you by him before my arrival, it will apprise you of my sailing from Halifax with fifteen sail of vessels, having on board 1193 Free Blacks, from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; and there being ten days allowed by the Charter, for such vessels discharge at Sierra Leone, before a heavy demurrage commences, I have thought it necessary to enclose you his receipts for the provisions he received, on board, at Halifax, for the use of the Blacks, together with the daily allowance to be issued to them, on the passage, that you may direct some person to settle the amount of provisions and stores with him, and receive the surplus, agreeably to he Charter, a copy of which he carries with him, and if there does not appear to you reason to withhold them, you will please to furnish him with a receipt for the provisions & stores he delivers, and a Certificate as near as maybe, to the enclosed form-

Do pray discharge the vessels as soon as possible, and if one should arrive before me to apprize you of my coming I hope you will begin to erect tents, with the sails and spars of the different vessels belonging to the Company, in the most advantageous situation for our reception-My private signal to you, when I make the Harbour, will be a Dutch Jack, reversed at the Fore Top-mast head, when I shall expect every assistance in the Pilot way-In great haste

     I am dear Sir

         Yours most sincerely

               John Clarkson.

Form of Certificate to be given to each Captain, upon his discharge at Sierra Leone provided he complies with the Conditions specified in the Charter Party-


This is to certify that the ship ____________ Master Chartered at Halifax, to carry Free Blacks to Sierra Leone, has performed that service, and that the master thereof during the voyage has conducted himself towards the Free Blacks, and in all other respects, honestly and fairly according to the terms of his Charter and the orders given by _____________

Agent for the Fleet-

I also further certify that there is due to the owners of the said vessels the sum of                 Sterling for           days demurrage, for the necessary detention of the said ship at Sierra Leone, beyond the Say days allowed by the Charter-

Given under my hand at Sierra Leone

This           day of              1792-

A copy of sealed orders given to each Captain, in case of Separation to be opened in 24 hours after-

                                            Lucretia, Halifax Harbour.

                                                    January 11 1792


The intention of this letter is to desire, since you have been so lucky as to part company with me, to make the best of your way to Sierra Leone, and upon your arrival there immediately wait upon the Governor, as Commander in Chief, and deliver the letter which you have addressed for him, who will give you every possible dispatch, and a certificate with the unexpended provisions, stores & c, put on board your vessel by Government, provided, upon enquiry he finds you have duly fulfilled, the conditions of your Charter-

I would advise you not go to the Southward of 33 degrees, until you have nearly run down your Longitude, and as you are deprived of the benefit of a Surgeon, to be more particularly attentive to the health and preservation of your passengers

          I am Sir

  Your obedient Servant

      John Clarkson


To Captn-

January 12th At seven this morning the boats from the Men of War came onboard the Lucretia to assist us, but as Mr. Wallace had not closed his papers we were prevented from sailing, indeed, I was very glad of it, for I have been so ill the whole day with fatigue and a violent cold I caught in mustering the people, that I have not been able to stir out of the house-

As I had distributed the clothing of the different families on board their respective ships, the Committee of Council intimated to me, that it would be necessary to write them a letter, specifying the exact quantity of the various articles necessary for the health and preservation of the Free Blacks-

Mr. Hartshorne & myself addressed to them the following letter-

 Slept on shore this night, as it was considered most prudent being still greatly indisposed

      The Honorable Alexander Brymer

Thomas Cockrane & Samson Blowers


The President in his answer to our letter to him, respecting the necessary clothing for the Free Blacks, tells us that Mr. Wallace has already had directions in regard to it, but as you have expressed a wish that we would ascertain the quantity necessary and communicate the same to you in writing, we take the liberty of representing to you, that we have carefully and conscientiously, examined into the state and quantity of their clothing, and do not hesitate to give it as our opinion that the underwritten quantity of different articles are absolutely necessary for their health and preservation now, and during the voyage to Sierra Leone-

Men's Woollen & Linen Shirts-----------------------------------234

Do Linen Trowsers------------------------------------------------153

Women's Linen Trowsers----------------------------------------234

Do Petticoats-----------------------------------------------------106

Do Bedgowns-------------------------------------------------------55

Children's Wollen & Linen Gowns-------------------------------276

We are Gentlemen

with respect

Your most obedient Servants

John Clarkson

Law Hartshorne-

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